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175th Hosts the GAFPB

On Friday, 19th of August, the 175th hosted the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (GAFPB) event at Ft Meade. This event tests the soldiers through multiple exercises:

11x10 meter run under 60 seconds

Flexed arm hang keeping the chin above the bar,

1000m sprint

M9 berretta marksmanship course

100m swim under 4 minutes in Combat Uniform

A timed footmarch (which will be conducted on September 26th)

Upon completion of these events, the soldier is awarded the GAFPB medal in one of three categories: Bronze, Silver, or Gold. This is award is one of the few foreign medals that can be worn on the Army Service Uniform (ASU) and any soldier that earns this award should feel pride while wearing it!

One of the soldiers who participated in the GAFPB was the Associations own SSG Winters! Only 2 days after competing in the grueling Estonia Pikta recon challenge (which required him to walk 111 miles!), SSG Winters crushed the GAFPB. Earning Silver in all events that day, SSG Winters showed how a 175th infantryman gets it done.

The final event, the timed footmarch, will be conducted on September 26th and SSG Winters will be there to earn his Silver! After the event, to celebrate German Armed Forces Day, there will be a cookout with beer and bratwursts. Nothing is better after a 12km footmarch then a cold beer!

This event was only possible due to the efforts of SFC Paycana, from coordinating with the German officers to getting all the equipment and ammunition necessary. Thank you SFC Paycana!

Good luck to all the 175th soldiers who are participating in the event!


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