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175th Infantry Regiment



​“From Long Island in 1776 to the Elbe River in 1945, the 5th Regiment has participated, with distinction, in all of the nation’s major wars.  Today, the unit stands as the 7th oldest regiment in the United States.” - Excerpt taken from: Fitzgerald Brewer, J. H. (1955). History of 175th Infantry (Fifth Maryland).

On the 3rd of December, 1774, the militia was organized by Mordecai Ghist and became known as the Baltimore Independent Cadets.  They fought through the entire American Revolution, but most notably the Battle of Brooklyn in August of 1776. George Washington himself remarked, “Oh, what brave men I must this day lose” when 400 Maryland volunteers repeatedly bayonet charged the British army in order for the Continental Army to escape.  This was also the first bayonet charge recorded in America’s military history. These actions earned Maryland the title of “Old Line State” and the 400 volunteers became known as the Maryland 400. 

During the Civil War, the state of Maryland essentially split into two factions at Harpers Ferry: the first Maryland Confederate State’s Army (CSA) and the Maryland Union State Army (USA).  Marylanders fought each other, earning campaign honors at Manassas, Appotomax, Gettysburg and more. Later, the 29th Infantry Division would honor both sides with their yin yang blue grey symbol becoming known as the “blue and the grey”. In WWII, the 29th Infantry Division owned Omaha Beach, receiving massive casualties from the 115th and 116th. The 175th Infantry Regiment would arrive on the beaches D-Day plus one. the 175th continued the fight through Isigny, St Lo and Hill 108 (Purple Heart Hill), for which the Regiment would receive the Crioux de Guerre and Presidential Unit Citation. 


Today, the Regiment is comprised of four light infantry line units and a headquarters company.  They continue to support the United States of America in the Global War on Terrorism (GWoT), with the most recent deployments to Egypt and Iraq. In 2015, the Regiment was activated to regain control of Baltimore City after nearly 8 days of rioting.

To learn more about the lineage and honors of the 175th Infantry Regiment, please visit the U.S. Army Center of Military History by clicking on the icon below.


For additional information pertaining to the history of the Regiment, please visit the Maryland Museum of Military History at:

Fifth Regiment Armory

219 W. 29th Division Street

Baltimore, Maryland 21201

The museum is open Monday through Friday 9:30 - 2:30 and offers free admission.

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