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What is the Order of Saint Maurice?


The Order of Saint Maurice and the Shield of Sparta are awarded by the National Infantry Association and the Chief of Infantry. This is to recognize the significant contributions made by Infantrymen, Infantry supporters, and spouses.

THE ORDER OF SAINT MAURICE® has five levels. A nominee for the Order of Saint Maurice must have served the Infantry community with distinction; must have demonstrated a significant contribution in support of the Infantry; and must represent the highest standards of integrity, moral character, professional competence, and dedication to duty. The same medallion is used for each level, with an attachment that identifies the level.

Nomination Process 


While nominations do not have to go through the 175th Infantry Regiment Association, the Association takes an active role in the nomination process.  The Association spearheads the process by writing the nominations and sending them to the National Infantry Association. Over the years, the Association has successfully nominated over 20 Order of Saint Maurice recipients.

Any OSM recipient can nominate an individual.  See our recent blog on the Order of Saint Maurice.

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