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order of saint maurice medal

For those interested in nominating an outstanding soldier within the Battalion, see your change of command. For members of the Association, contact COL(Ret) William “Randy” Everett for further information. Be prepared to provide nomination information in order to be approved by the National Infantry Association. Sample nomination packages will be provided upon request. Standards for the OSM are attached. The recently increased cost of the award is $50.00, shipping and handling $10.00, special rushed handling $20.00. If the individual is not a member of the NIA, then a membership fee for one year is covered by the Association which is $20.00. Depending on the circumstances the award can cost as much as $100.00. As a result, the Association will discuss and vote on the number of OSM(s) to be sponsored in 2020 - based on the budget and the priority to the Battalion. There will be two suspense dates, for the Annual Dinner, nominations will be due 1 March 2020, and for the Annual Pass in Review by 1 October 2020. Late submissions will be entertained but the nominator will be required to pay the rush handling fee ($20.00).

Those members of the Order are asked to wear their OSM to the Pass in Review.


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