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Cadet Caroline Kelly is Awarded the LTC Thomas Bailey Best Cadet Revere Bowl

On 30 March 2023, the 175th Infantry Association was once again invited to attend and award the Loyola ROTC Greyhound Best Cadet award.

This award was started in 1955 with the first graduating ROTC class from Loyola and its association with the 175th Infantry. The tradition was upheld these many years by LTC Thomas Bailey who graduated with the first ROTC class and continued his career with the 175th Infantry. LTC Bailey ensured that the Association Revere Bowl was engraved each year with the Best Cadet’s name and awarded.

Sadly we lost LTC Bailey, but the tradition that he lovingly upheld lives on. On 30 March 2023, the 175th Infantry Association awarded Cadet Caroline Kelly with her engraved name on the Association Revere Bowl which resides in the Loyola ROTC Greyhound Battalion’s Headquarters on the Evergreen campus.

Cadet Caroline Kelly will be commissioned in May, and will be going on active duty as an Infantry officer. She is hoping to be assigned to Ft. Hood Texas and be a platoon leader of a mechanized Infantry unit.

This long standing relationship has yielded many quality officers for the 175th Infantry and the Maryland National Guard, to include names like BG Edmond Nolley, BG Sean Casey, COL Jeffery Soellner, LTC Thomas Bailey and MAJ Glenn Williams, to name a few.

The awards ceremony was held at Loyola University during Greyhound Battalion Spring Military Ball.

Left to Right: COL(Ret) William Everett presenting the award to Cadet Caroline Kelly with Cadet Elle White ROTC Bn Cmdr, and LTC Tim Mitroka Department Chair & Professor of Military Science alongside.


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