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The Quartermaster section of the 175th Infantry Association has designated a new Quartermaster – SFC (Ret) James “Bert” Simpson has graciously accepted the role of managing the “real” property of the Regiment and Association. In the coming months he will be collecting property that belongs to the Regiment and Association to manage and control its status.

Officially, the Regiment and Association will be “getting out of the business” of selling items like Polo Shirts, Koozie Cups, Ties, Pins, etc.… Our objective is to set up a more convenient venue for soldiers of the Battalion and Association to purchase items on line. The remaining items will be on sale during the December 2019 Pass in Review – please bring CASH if you wish to purchase some of the last items.

COL (Ret) Bruce Kahl has amiably set up a website to sell 175th oriented items on an individual basis. See the 175th Infantry site under USA Print Wear to purchase YOUR 175th Infantry fashion wear and Regimental items. You will now be able to make a 175th Infantry FASHION STATEMENT!!

See USA Print Wear flyer

In the coming months COL (Ret) Kahl with be coordinating with the individual companies of the Battalion to create Company Level items of interest that can be purchased on line.


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