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The Dandy Fifth Battalion Sports Day!

On September 17th, the 175th hosted a Battalion Sports day to find out which Company was the best. With 6 Companies competing in basketball, home run derby, football, dodgeball and tug of war, the day was filled with fierce competition and friendly banter as they battled each other for 1st place.

As the Companies competed, friends and family cheered on their soldiers while enjoying good food and drinks. As the day came to an end, the victor of the Battalion sports day was Alpha Company, placing 1st in football, baseball and dodgeball. Alpha Company was rewarded with the BN sports trophy to commemorate their hard earned victory and physical superiority. (Editor Disclosure: this author is a member of Alpha Company)

Alpha Company wasn't the only winner that day, the 175th Association helped raise over $1,000 to support the Battalion Dining Out! From raffling baskets to getting new members, the Association was able to ensure everyone won something that day. If you would like to help out the soldiers from the 175th, please feel free to donate to the Association today! Every dollar helps and will be used to support the soldiers of the 175th.

Thank you Col. Everett for running the Association's table!

Thank you to SFC Laubach and all those who helped plan and organize this event, the soldiers appreciate the hard work you all put into it. This event strengthens the bonds of every soldier in the 175th and gives a sense of pride and identity to each Company who competed. We look forward to more events such as these in the future!


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