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The 175th Association is on its way to become an NIA Chapter Member

Supporting the initiative of teaming up with the National Infantry Association (NIA) as discussed by SSG Ainsworth at the last 175th Infantry Association meeting. The Regiment Honorary Colonel met with the President of the NIA COL(Ret) Robert Choppa to discuss a future chapter, and continued support for Order of Saint Maurice (OSMs) awards and other NIA benefits.

The 175th Infantry Association can count on the NIA continued support with OSMs and Shields of Sparta (award for Infantry Spouses).

Discussions with Mr. Brian Nelson (NIA Chapter Liaison) reveal the need for further staffing in order to seek NIA Chapter membership. Coordination and discussion will begin with a legal review.

COL(Ret) Robert Choppa was cordially invited to attend the 248th Annual Pass in Review and Dining Out as a personal guest of the Honorary Colonel.


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