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The175th Completes the GAFB

The GAFB hosted by the 175th came to an end this Monday, with a ruck march to cap off the challenging event. 50 Maryland service members signed up to earn the GAFB medal, 27 successfully passed with 3 earning gold!

One of those soldiers earning the coveted gold GAFB is the Dandy Fifths own, SGT Ewing. To earn the gold GAFB requires mental fortitude, physical strength and great marksmanship, all of which SGT Ewing possessed and display during the GAFB. Congrats to him and all the 175th soldiers who took on the GAFB.

Thank you to Hauptfeldwebel (Master Sergeant) MaikNattkemper for being the sponsor of the event. We appreciate any opportunity to work with our German Counterparts and look forward to working with you again.

Special thanks to SFC Paycana for organizing, coordinating and running the event. Without him, the soldiers of the 175th and the service members from Ft. Meade would not have been able to challenge themselves. We look forward to seeing more soldiers of the 175th take on the GAFB next year!

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